Business Security

Closed Circuit TV

A Closed Circuit TV system from Wightman Telecom will allow you to:

  • Keep an eye on your business when you cannot be there
  • Watch your office, warehouse, or yard via the internet
  • Monitor your business after hours

Wightman Telecom has built a strong history of overwhelmingly successful CCTV installations over the years by offering the finest products on the market, and by employing the best technical personnel in the region. Having upgraded many customers from analog to new digital recording technologies, Wightman Telecom has become a leader in optimized video storage, ensuring that customers can effortlessly capture and retrieve crucial video footage. Whether providing just a few fixed cameras for viewing only, engineering guard and monitoring station consoles and equipment, or implementing long-range video transmission systems for larger customers with hundreds of cameras, Wightman Telecom is the leader in closed circuit solutions.

Security Systems

Protect your business with a security package from Wightman Telecom. Let us help you find the right security solution for you with a free on-site evaluation.

Once installed, your piece of mind is secure with our 24-hour security monitoring, available for only $20.00/month.

How our security systems work?

When your security system detects an emergency, an alarm in your business will sound, and a signal is transmitted to our Monitoring Station. The Monitoring Stations are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by professionally trained staff and Security Industry Association (SIA) certified attendants to dispatch the proper emergency services.
When our Monitoring Station receives the alarm signal, an attendant will call your premises, confirm the alarm and verify the password. If there is no answer or if the wrong password is provided, the attendant will then notify the police or proper emergency personnel.
After notifying authorities, the attendant will call one of your key holders, which you designated when you had your system installed.

Why Choose Wightman Security for your office?

No matter what your concern — safety of employees, priceless archives, valuable assets, or just the general well-being of your business — Wightman Security Systems are your #1 choice for Business Security. We also offer the freedom to disarm wirelessly via our revolutionary keychain touchpad system, making it easy to turn off the alarm when you arrive at the office. Your business will be protected 24/7, 365 days a year for less than a dollar a day.
Another reason to choose Wightman Security is professional, personalized installation. Every Wightman Security system is installed by a bonded security specialist, certified by the Canadian Security Association, and every installation is covered by a one year warranty on all equipment.

Wightman Telecom Security Systems FAQ

Q: What happens when the power goes out? Am I still protected?

A: Wightman Security Systems will notify you (or your key holders) in the event of a power outage. The monitoring station will call the listed key holders in order until one is notified and can attend to the incident. You are still protected, as the system will switch to battery backup. This means all your sensors will still be functional until the battery runs out. If you would like added protection in the event of a power outage, you can purchase a UPS (Universal Power Supply) to plug the AC Adapter into. This will extend the life further.

Q: Can I purchase the system up front instead of paying a monthly fee?

A: Yes, we offer the option of purchasing the equipment up front at no extra charge. Please indicate you would like this option when you are speaking with Barry Metcalfe or Jackie Ferguson, our sales representatives.

Q: Do you have to wire my premises for a Wightman Security System?

A: We can equip your premises for a wired Wightman security system - whether you're just building or living in an existing structure. Wightman also sells wireless security systems. These are the most advanced units on the market today.

Q: What is the difference between a wired and wireless system?

A: Wired systems connect the peripherals in your premises via actual wire back to the security system control panel. They are ideal for customers who are building new since the wire can be inserted in the walls before they are finished. It is cost-effective to pre-wire for a security system. Wireless systems use no wires to connect the peripherals to your control panel. They send and receive signals via radio. Wireless systems are the popular choice for buildings that are already finished as they are quick and easy to install. Both systems are considered equal in terms of quality and dependability and some businesses even combine both services for the most effective product (this is called a hybrid system).

Q: Can I purchase a system WITHOUT the monitoring?

A: Yes, you can purchase an alarm system without monitoring from Wightman; however a monitored system offers you the most security. Monitored systems provide you with exterior security stickers (to warn possible intruders that you have a security system), insurance certificate, remote notification, environmental monitoring etc.

Q: Do I receive a discount on my insurance?

A: Usually you will receive a discount from your insurance company based on the type of solution you have for the business (fire, unwanted entry, flooding etc.). To find out the exact discount, contact your insurance company. Wightman will provide you with an authorized Insurance certificate to present to your insurance company.

Q: What is the sequence of events when my system is triggered by an alarm?

A: When the Wightman Monitoring Station receives an alarm signal, one of their attendants will call the appropriate person(s) on your key holder list to confirm the alarm and verify your password. If there is no answer or the wrong password is provided, the attendant will then notify the police (or whomever you list as your second contact).


Today, safety depends on how prepared you are. With a monitored residential security and alarm system, you can empower yourself and have peace of mind knowing that someone is always looking out for you. Our monitoring services are $20.00/month and do not require a contract.