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Why Do I Have a Slow Internet Connection?

Do you find your internet sluggish? Here are our best tips on how to remedy a slow internet connection.

We live in a very technological world where a lot of our time is spent online. In recent years, we have had to conduct many of our activities online, from taking classes to working remotely.

With such a shift, any disruption like a broken router or slow internet connection could spell doom for your activities. Slow internet speeds can have several causes, including an outdated router or significant distance between your router and devices.

If your connection is slow, inconsistent, spotty, or unresponsive, there are various ways you can fix it, and we’re not just talking about quick temporary fixes. Here are our best tips on how to remedy a slow internet connection.

How To Fix Sluggish Internet

Try the Universal Fix
Before you pick up your phone to ask for help, first give your hardware a quick reset. Turn everything off. If the device is plugged in to a power outlet go ahead and unplug it, give it about 30 seconds, and then plug it back in and turn it on.  Also, if you’ve noticed only one device around the home having issues connecting to the network, it’s probably that specific device itself creating the problem. Give it the universal fix, and you’ll be surprised.

Upgrade Your Internet Package

If your internet slows down anytime many people are online, it’s a sign that you may be using more data than your package can accommodate. The best way to increase your internet speed is to upgrade from a slower internet package to a higher speed package. Check with Wightman Customer Service to find out what internet speed package may be available in your area.

You can also check your current internet speed using the free Wightman speed test, via our speed test link. This test will provide insight into your upload and download speeds in less than a minute. If the download and upload speeds are lower than the package you are subscribed to, you can use the Wightman Support App to find possible causes of your slow internet speed, or contact Wightman’s 24 hour per day Technical Support Team for a more in-depth investigation of possible slow internet causes.

Boost Your Router to a More Powerful Model

If you have a fast internet connection but are still registering slow internet speeds, your Wi-Fi router might be the issue. Get a router that can create a network of up to 1500 square feet at speeds of 550 Mbps. For even faster speeds, or if you have a larger home, talk to Wightman about our Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh system.

Go Slow on Bandwidth-Hogging Apps

If your hardware is okay, check if there are programs you’re running that are hogging the connection. Apps such as BitTorrent are popular for slowing down connections. You can install extensions that will block bandwidth-hogging ads, videos, and animations that take up a lot of space.  Our Technical Support Team can help walk you through some suggestions if you need help. 

Organize Your Connections
Many modern routers usually offer two Wi-Fi bands that operate on two different frequencies, the 2.4GHz, and the 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz is great for devices like smartphones that don’t require faster speeds since it has a better range. The 5 GHz is ideal for bandwidth-heavy apps such as gaming and streaming apps.

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