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What Is Whole Home Wi-Fi? We Call It ‘Fibre to the Home’

Fibre to the Home is here! Find out how Wightman’s whole home WiFi differs from traditional WiFi and what benefits it offers homeowners.

Our world is connected like never before, and Wightman is connecting communities for the future. Fibre to the Home is considered the most advanced and the best technology to handle the increasing demands of everyday communications; from email to video calls, online shopping, streaming, gaming, learning, and working from home. Fibre optic technology enables all of your communication and entertainment needs over a single strand of glass at the speed of light.

What is Fibre to the Home?

Fibre to the Home uses glass fibre to carry communications signals. It replaces existing copper and coaxial infrastructure, with a faster, more reliable method of delivering internet, TV, and phone services.

Fibre uses light instead of electricity to carry signals, and since light travels so quickly, Fibre to the Home can carry an enormous number of signals to and from your home at previously unheard of speeds. Like water and electricity, a fast connection is an essential utility. Without it, it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Benefits of a Whole Home WiFi System

What do you do online? Video chat family and friends, share photos and videos, shop, play video games and use smart home technology? Or maybe you stream movies, listen to music, and work or learn from home. Or do you do all of the above and keep the world updated on your life with all your social media accounts?

According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, Canadians spend 40% of their time online watching movies, TV, and videos. With the explosion of HD (and even 4K) content available, it’s estimated that bandwidth requirements will grow by 50% every year! Without a high-quality connection, you’ll get left behind. Wightman Fibre to the Home will allow you to keep up.

Fibre to the Home Services


Phone carried over fibre provides the same user experience, but carried over fibre optics. These signals are then converted into a traditional signal at junctions to existing phone lines. Fibre optics offers a higher rate of signal travel and allows your home to be reliant on only the most modern cables, which won’t corrode or short circuit.


Sending signals at the speed of light, fibre optic cables are the gold standard of infrastructure. Used primarily for intercontinental undersea cables, fibre optics are the fastest method of communication known today. Wightman extends this system to its users, bringing you the highest speed internet available.


With high-definition video quickly becoming the norm, cable companies are continually serving the increasing bandwidth requirements of your television. With Wightman, you will have a system more than capable of handling the future demands of high definition and ultra-high-definition television.

Want to learn more about Wightman’s whole home WiFi solution? Find out more about our Fibre to the Home service here.

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