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TV Listings: The Best Place to Find Out What to Watch

Looking for something new and exciting to watch? Here’s your best resource for TV listings with Wightman.

There’s something relaxing about having access to TV Listings. These electronic or printed timetables help subscribers schedule time for their favorite shows, news, and sports.

Thanks to technology, you can now access guides in the comfort of your home. All you need is fast and secure internet.

Wightman TV Listing
If you are looking for something new and exciting to watch, Wightman has you covered. We have TV Listings for the full channel lineup that we offer.  Our TV listings page also allows you to filter the listings to your location by clicking on the “Change Location” button which can be found at the top left corner of the screen directly under the Wightman TV – Digital heading.

Listings are displayed for the for the upcoming 12 days and include a short synopsis of the listing just by clicking on the show you are interested in. You can even highlight your favorite channels by clicking on the “Add to my shows” button which will keep a list of your favourties for easier access.

You can also access TV listing information up to 12 days in advance within the guide on our TV set top boxes.  These listings include detailed descriptions of all your favourite shows.    If you’re looking to see “What’s Hot” there is an app in the guide that will show you the top channels that Wightman TV customers are watching. 

Want to find information on a specific show or movie?  We’ve got your covered. You can easily search the guide information up to 12 days in advance by simply pressing the Search button when you’re in the guide itself and type in what you are looking for.  The system will do the searching for you!

Wightman TV App

Forget to set up a recording for your favourite program before you left the house?  No problem!  Wightman offers the ManageMyTVs app for your mobile devices.  Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and have the freedom to set up that recording from anywhere, so you never miss your show again. 

The app is fully loaded allowing to you do the following things:
• Browse the guide, tune to the channel you want to watch, or create recording schedules. 
• View remaining space on your DVR, browse your current scheduled recordings, and set up new recordings.
• Use your Andriod or IOS mobile device as a remote control.

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