Tuned-In Canada CCSA Awards 2021

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Best People: on-camera community channel personality

Best Story: giving back

Best Photo: connecting Canadians

Best Story: game changer

Best Content: community channel programming


Best Story: giving back

At Wightman we are dedicated to the communities we serve and want to take part in helping to support local sports programs that make a big difference in kids’ lives and give them an opportunity to flourish. That’s why in addition to separate donations in 2020, the Wightman Family Fund was created through the Stratford Perth Community Foundation. Read more here

Best Content: community channel programming 

Canada Day celebrations for 2020 had to be different because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the provincial restrictions for the safety of public health. A virtual celebration was created to keep everyone safe while still feeling connected. They showed spirit and resilience. We had 1,012 views for Hanover and Brockton had 1,871 views on Youtube for a total of 2,883. Watch the highlight reel here

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Shortlist announcement will be available February 25, 2021. Stay tuned!