At Wightman, we’re a family of great people who want to deliver wow experiences each and every day. We are committed to our communities, providing exceptional customer service and the most advanced technology.

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Here's what our customers are saying about us:


Janice, Fergus – new customer
I would like to give a shout out to our Wightman installer. He was clean, courteous, and professional. He was impressive. Wightman has good people working for them. Thanks!


Wendy, Harriston, customer for 5+ years
I am enjoying Wightman's service. The TV is excellent to watch as is the programming. The crew you have are an excellent bunch. I am glad to be connected to Wightman.


Ashley, Fergus, new customer
Great service. Great prices. Personal customer service.


Amy, Fergus, customer for 3 years
Good service & good value!


Kim, customer for 2 years
I recommend you weekly. Wightman is the only company where I can talk to a real human being and get an answer right away & very quickly. Customer service is second to none. Hope I never have to use another company again!


Brad, Fergus, customer for 5+ years
Love the customer service and great prices!


Anne, Fergus, new customer
A brick & mortar location for assistance, employees who seem happy, and Wightman provides top notch service… why be with any other provider?


Quinton, Fergus, new customer
Just had Fibre to the Home installed and we are happy with it so far!


Barb, Fergus, customer for 5+ years
Best customer service ever! Would recommend Wightman Telecom to anybody.


Norah, customer for 2 years
Wightman is economical, and prompt if there are problems!


Mark, customer for 2 years
Very reliable; solid service!


Joe, Hanover, customer for 3 years
Real good service from all three - Internet, phone, and TV!


Jim, Elora, customer for 1 year
Can’t wait for Fibre to the Home to come to Elora!


Martin, Stratford, customer for 1 year
Happy customer here!


Ron, Hanover, customer for 4 years
Enjoy Wightman’s service very much!


Faye, Stratford, customer for 10+ years
I have recommended your services to my family and friends!


Dave, customer for 10+ years
Wightman has good service & great customer service reps!


Sherry, Mount Forest – customer for 7 years
I just want to give a great big THANK YOU to Wightman, they have surpassed any other cable company out there, bar none.


Ashley, Hanover – customer for 2 years
I would like to thank the technicians that work for Wightman Telecom. They are very neat and respectful and I appreciate the call before arriving to make sure I am ready for them. What a great team you have out there representing your company!


Jane, Walkerton – customer for 6 years
Want to say thank you for the excellent customer service I received. I wish all companies would be as honest and forthright in their dealings as Wightman Telecom.


Susan, Fergus – customer for 8 years
Wightman, I'm so glad you came to Centre Wellington. Your staff are wonderful. They are so polite and do everything in their power to solve any problems you may have.


Marilyn, Hanover – customer for 7 years
Special thanks to Wightman tech support for their help in setting up the new remotes for the TV. Very professional and most helpful.


Nancy, Elora – customer for 4 years
Your focus on the personal touch makes your company stand out!


Jim – customer for 7 years
Great service, even better customer service, all local people!


Jan – customer for 1 year
Love your company; wonderful support staff that actually live in the area!


Michelle, Fergus – new customer
Great service and less expensive. Reliable billing amounts.


Wendy, Stratford – customer for 16 years
Your customer service is excellent. If TV service comes to Stratford I will definitely check it out!


Kim, Fergus – customer for 4 years
Love being able to walk into the office to talk to someone if needed. Rarely have an issue and if we do it's taken care of by a real live human being right away. Customer service is the best. Can't beat the prices, which is an added bonus! Love Wightman.


Phillip – new customer
Great price, clear TV, and internet.  When problems arise they are fixed quickly!


Rob – customer for 11 years
Awesome support staff!


Amber – customer for 2 years
The unlimited internet pricing is fair and gives us peace of mind!


Valerie – customer for 2 years
I am quite happy with my Wightman service...if I ever have an issue they are very reliable!


Dave, Fergus – customer for 2 years
Have had great service and reliability with Wightman using phone and the highest speed fibre.


Anna-Marie – customer for 10 years
Very happy with the service. Thank you.


Eva, Listowel – customer for 11 years
It is lovely to have such a professional local telecommunication company. Thank you for the care you show the community!


Ian, Fergus – customer for 8 years
My family and I love the Fibre to the Home service!


Patti, Hanover – new customer
I have nothing but great things to say about Wightman. Having just located here from east of the GTA, the service is a refreshing change!


Gary, Listowel  – customer for 7 years
Product and service are excellent. Outages are extremely rare. Would recommend.


David, Listowel – customer for 10 years
Really appreciate having fibre service! We have recommended Wightman many times over the past 10 years.


Adam, Listowel – customer for 16 years
Thank you for the good service.  We are happy with everything!


Wesley, Clifford – customer for 8 years
Excellent customer service!  Knowledgeable and very helpful technicians.  Keep up the good work!


Jeremy, Fergus – customer for 2 years
Reliable, affordable service, and great customer service!