"No Signal" Message on TV

  1. Please ensure there is a light on the front of the STB.
    Please Note: The colour of the light will vary depending on the STB you have. It will be either red, green, or blue.
  2. Check the cables on the back of the STB and the back of the TV to ensure they are secure.
  3. Check to see if the STB runs through any other hardware such as a DVD or VCR. If so, ensure this is turned on.
  4. Bypass any extra devices such as your DVD player or VCR and connect the STB directly to the TV.
  5. Remove the power cord from the back of the STB for 5 seconds.
    Please Note: The power cord is a thin black cable. The light on the STB will go off once the power is removed.
  6. Please ensure your TV is set to input that corresponds with the STB connection. Press the Input button on your remote control to change the TV input.
    • Please note: If using the black Wightman remote, the Input button will be at the very bottom on the left hand side of the remote.
    • Please note: If using the "big button" Wightman remote, the Input button will be to the right of the zero (0) at the bottom of the remote.
  7. If you are unable to change the input using your Wightman remote control please try using either your TV remote or the buttons on the TV.
    Please Note: The button on the TV remote my say Input, Source, or TV/Video.
  8. If your TV is still displaying a No Signal message and you are able to try another video connection please do so and adjust the setting on the TV accordingly.
  9. If there is still a "No Signal" message on your TV, please call our 24 hour Technical Support Team at 1.877.327.4440 to schedule a technician visit.