Parental Guidance

This programming, while intended for a general audience, may not be suitable for younger children (under the age of 8). Parents/guardians should be aware that there might be content elements which some could consider inappropriate for unsupervised viewing by children in the 8-13 age range. Programming within this classification might address controversial themes or issues. Cognizant that pre-teens and early teens could be part of this viewing group, particular care must be taken not to encourage imitational behavior, and consequences of violent actions shall not be minimized.

Violence Guidelines

  • Any depiction of conflict and/or aggression will be limited and moderate; it might include physical, fantasy, or supernatural violence.
  • Any such depictions should not be pervasive, and must be justified within the context of theme, storyline or character development.
  • Other Content Guidelines
  • Language: Might contain infrequent and mild profanity
  • Might contain mildly suggestive language
  • Sex/Nudity: Could possibly contain brief scenes of nudity
  • Might have limited and discreet sexual references or content when appropriate to the storyline or theme