Call Trace

What Does It Do?

Call Trace allows you to request a trace of the last incoming call you receive. The purpose of this feature is to report harassing or threatening calls and should be used in serious situations only. After using Call Trace, contact your local police service to report the trace and the police may then solicit the information from us. Due to current privacy laws, we cannot release the caller's number or information to the customer.

How Do I Use It?

To perform a trace:

  • Hang up from the current call.
  • Dial *57.
  • Press 1 to activate the trace.
  • Contact your local police service to report the trace. The information is released to Wightman and may then be passed on to the appropriate authorities if they request it.

Note: Call Trace may not work on all numbers and you will not be charged for unsuccessful attempts. If the trace was successful, there will be a $5 charge per trace whether or not the police investigate further.