Wightman ONE

What Does It Do?

Wightman ONE is a feature that allows you to be easily contacted at any location. Calls can be programmed to ring at several numbers (such as your mobile, home phone, or office extension), or to ring simultaneously at each location. You are no longer limited to forwarding calls to one number; you can program calls to ring at many locations and you have the flexibility of setting and removing the programming yourself.

How Do I Use It?

To access programming for Wightman ONE:

  • Go to the Wightman website, ''
  • Click 'My Account', then 'Voicemail'.
  • Enter your 10 digit phone number and the temporary password that Wightman provided you. To change your password, go to 'Settings' and enter any combination of 4 to 15 characters not beginning with 0).
  • Click 'Call Manager', then 'Follow Me'. Activate the feature by selecting the check box that says 'Forward Calls...'

To Enable/Disable Wightman ONE from your telephone handset:

  • To enable, press *333.
  • To disable, press *334.