Call Answer

What Does It Do?

When you are using Call Answer, there are some keys that have the same special functions throughout the call to help you through the system. The Navigation map above summarizes these keys, which are common throughout Call Answer. Don't miss any important calls! Call Answer automatically answers and records a message for all incoming calls when you are not available. This feature allows you to access your call answer messages through any computer with internet. You can access your messages:

  • On your telephone
  • Remotely from another phone
  • Online from a computer with audio output

A message waiting indication will be provided by a stutter dial tone when you pick up the receiver and your phone's message indicator will be flashing (on some models). This will not prevent you from making or receiving calls.

How Do I Use It?

To set up for the first time from home:

Pick up the phone and dial *98. Enter the temporary PIN, which is your 8 digit account number, followed by # (if you do not know your account number, please call us at 1-888-477-2177). Enter a new PIN, any combination of 4 to 20 digits, not beginning with 0, followed by #. Record your name and telephone number. Record a greeting or use the system's greeting. Press * to exit.

To change your personal greeting, PIN, or name:

Pick up the phone and dial *98 followed by your PIN, then #. Respond to the appropriate voice prompts.

To access remotely from another location:

Dial your home number. Your voicemail greeting will play. During your greeting, press *, your PIN, then #.

To access your Call Answer voice messages with any computer via our website:

Go to the Wightman website '' Click on 'My Account', 'Voicemail'. Enter your 10 digit telephone number and PIN (Enter the temporary PIN that Wightman provided to you.). Click the Messages & Calls tab, then select the message you want to hear.

To automatically send your Call Answer voice messages to your email inbox see Voicemail to Email.