Phone Not Ringing on VoIP Connection

Your phone may not be ringing when people call your phone number, even if the calling party can hear ringing on their side.  When this is happening, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure the ringer is on and turned up.  Check your phone set for volume buttons, and make sure it's turned up.
  2. Pick up a phone and see if you have dial tone. If there is dial tone, proceed to the next step; otherwise, make sure the phone is plugged in to the jack on the back of the modem.  If there is no dial tone, please call Wightman Support 1-877-327-4440.
  3. Unplug the phone from the modem.
  4. After 60 seconds, plug a phone back in, preferably a basic corded phone.  Make sure the phone cord is plugged in tightly; it should click when properly plugged in.
  5. With the phone plugged in, try calling your land line using a cell phone or having a friend call your land line; see if the phone rings.
  6. If the phone doesn't ring, try another phone in the jack, if available.
  7. Try rebooting the modem; to do this, press the On/Off button on the left hand side of the modem.
  8. If no phones ring despite the previous steps, please contact Wightman Troubleshooting as 1-877-327-4440.