Three-Way Calling

What Does it Do?

Three-Way Calling allows you to call another party when you have initiated the call and add the party, thus creating a three-way conversation.

How Do I Use It?

To Make a Three-Way Call:

  • While on an existing call, press FLASH or LINK on your telephone.
  • Dial the third party's number.
  • If the third party answers, you can talk privately with this person before you make the call three-way.
  • Press FLASH or LINK on your telephone.
  • The Three-Way Call is now connected.
  • If the third party does not answer or their line is busy, press FLASH or LINK twice to rejoin the original call. If you hang up you will receive a ring back reminding you that the original call is still on hold, and can rejoin the call by picking up the phone.