Speed Calling

What Does it Do?

Speed Calling allows one- or two-digit codes to be used as shortcuts for selected telephone numbers. You can quickly enter the code which is associated to the telephone number in your speed dial list.

How Do I Use It?

To Set Up Speed Calling:

  • Pick up your phone, dial *74 if setting up a one-digit code.
  • Dial *75 if setting up a two-digit code.
  • A broken dial tone is played.
  • Enter any number between 2-9 for one-digit codes and 20-49 for two-digit codes.
  • Dial the full phone number you wish to associate that code with (for long distance entries, remember to include the 1 and area code).
  • A confirmation tone is played, three beeps, followed by a fast busy tone.
  • To use Speed Calling, press the one- or two-digit number, then the # key.