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How do I move my Wightman services?

Schedule your move with us today. Whether you’re an existing customer or new to Wightman, our Customer Care department can help you set up the right services for your new home and get ready for moving day. To make sure that your services are active and ready on your move-in date, please give us at least two weeks notice (more is better!).

We just need some information to help make the transition go a bit smoother. Have this information ready when you call:

  • Your Wightman phone or account number
  • Your new mailing and civic (physical) address
  • The date you want your services to move
  • The best way to contact you during your move
  • Whether you need any wiring or jack work done

We're here to help even after you have moved in. Should you have any questions about your Wightman services, our Customer Care department is here to help you or if you're having technical issues our tech support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

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FAQ About Moving to Wightman:

Q. Can I advise Wightman of my upcoming move online?

A. No. You can update your personal info within Wightman SmartHub, but in order for us to start a move order, you must call us. Our Customer Care team is happy to assist you with this, and you can reach us at 1-888-477-2177.

Q. What steps do I have to take when I move?

A. You will need to call in to our Customer Care team to start a move order. To expedite the process, please have the following information when you call in:

  • Your Wightman phone number or account number
  • Your new mailing and service address
  • The date you want your services to move
  • The best way to contact you during your move
  • Whether you need any wiring or jacks installed at your new location

Q. How many days before my move should I contact Wightman? 

A. To make sure that your services are active and ready for your move-in date, please give us at least two weeks notice. The more advanced notice you can provide, the better.

Note: If you’re moving into a newly built home, please contact our office 6-8 weeks before your expected move-in date to ensure construction can be completed.

Q. Can I suspend my Wightman services? 

A. Please call our Customer Care team to discuss suspending your services and if this option is right for you. We can be reached at 1-888-477-2177.

Q. Will I be charged a fee when I move? 

A. Move fees may apply, please ask one of our Customer Care team.

Q. How do I change my appointment date? 

A. Please give our Customer Care team a call at 1-888-477-2177 and we can review available appointment dates with you.

Q. Do I move my Wightman equipment (modems, DVRs, etc.) to my new home myself? 

A. Yes, you should take your your Wightman equipment to your new home, but not the ONT (Optical Network Terminal). All modems/routers, set-top boxes, and power cords should be taken to your new home. A Wightman technician will install all equipment where it needs to be in your new home.

Q. Wightman outlets are already installed in my new home. Can I do the connection myself?

A. No, we will need to activate service at your new location. You can make these arrangements with our Customer Care team by calling 1-888-477-2177.

Q. My home is a new build, how do get fibre installed? 

A. Ask your builder if the house is pre-wired for Wightman Fibre service or have the builder inquire about the wiring requirements for Wightman Fibre service.

Q. Do I have to be home when the technician comes? 

A. Yes, we do require someone to be home over the age of 18 years, when the technician comes to your home. If you are not able to be there, please make arrangements with a trusted family member or friend to be there in your absence.

Q. My new home has Wightman Fibre to the Home. Does this mean I can have television in each room?

A. You can have Wightman TV service in each room. Your first Wightman TV set-top box is free and each additional set-top box is $4.95 per month. 

Q. Will the price be the same and can I have the same TV channels?

A. We will do our best to keep your pricing the same however, service and channel availability may vary from town to town. Our Customer Care team can confirm which channels are available in your area. Please give us a call at 1-888-477-2177.