Data Usage on Your Wightman Samsung SmartPhone

Controlling Data Usage on Your Wightman Provided Samsung SmartPhone

Wightman Mobility offers a wide range of Samsung Mobility devices. Samsung Smartphones allow the user to monitor, restrict and control their device’s data usage.

How to switch mobile data on or off:

You can easily switch your mobile data on or off by pulling down the extended drop-down menu by swiping down the screen with one finger twice.

Samsung swiping your screen

Tap the Mobile data icon to turn it on or off.

Alternatively, you can turn it on and off in the Settings menu by going to Settings->Connections->Data Usage->tap the slider/tickbox on or off.

How to check how much mobile data you have used:

Your device records how much mobile data you use. You can check how much you have used by following the below steps:

If you want to change the cycle measured, tap the period measured, then Change cycle, and enter the date you wish.

How to set a mobile data limit:

On Older Android Phones:

Tick the box marked Set mobile data limit (Note: on some devices, this will appear below the graph, and will be a slider instead of a tickbox). You can change the limit by tapping the line on the graph and moving it up or down.

If you want to confirm or increase your mobile data allowance, Contact Wightman Customer Service.

On Newer Android phones:

First Navigate to Billing Cycle and data warning: Settings → Connections → Data Usage → Billing Cycle and data warning

Secondly to turn on a Data limit turn on the slider Set data limit.

An option will then appear at the bottom to set a specific data limit.