How do I use Wightman Webmail?

Logging in to Wightman Webmail:

  1. Using a  web browser like Internet Explorer, Microsfot Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox, go to
  2. You will be asked for a username and password. The user name will the first part of your email address, before the @ symbol; so if you’re email account is, your username is johnsmith. Your password will be your usual email password; if it is not working or you do not know it, please call Technical Support at 1-877-327-4440.

Receiving Email:

  • Once you have logged into web mail, you will be automatically taken to the Inbox, which will show new messages.  Unread messages will be in bold.  You can open a message by double left clicking on it.  You can go back to the Inbox from reading a message by either clicking Inbox on the left hand side, or pressing the back button near the top left corner, next to Compose.
  • Emails may be downloaded by computers or other devices if they are configured with POP3; if so, they may not show up in your Inbox.

Sending Email:

  1. To send an email, click the Compose button near the top left corner; it will appear as a piece of paper with a pencil over it. This will open a new screen.
  2. In the To field, enter the email account or accounts you wish to send a message from. Contacts saved in programs (ie Outlook or Windows Live Mail) will not be available.
  3. Enter the Subject Line and the main body of the email as normal.
  4. To send the email, click the icon across the top of a gray box with an envelope going into it, or click Send Message near the bottom left of the screen.