Fibre to the Home

What Difference Does it Make?

Technical made simple

Imagine a garden hose and picture the inside of that hose has been coated from one end to the other with a mirror. If a friend were to shine a light in one end of the hose, the light would reflect off the mirror coating and reach the other end, even if the hose were twisted and turned around corners. Imagine that your friend started turning their light on and off in a pattern (like Morse code). Communication is now possible. This is how fibre optics works, except the light is being turned off and on a billion times a second!

What makes Wightman Fibre to the Home different? 
Most providers use fibre optics in their networks now. But Wightman’s Fibre to the Home is distinctly different! While others may use fibre to stretch from town to town, Wightman provides the fibre optic technology right into your home. It’s a direct fibre connection from us to you.

How will my electronics work with Fibre to the Home? 
When we bring fibre into your home, we will install a small device called an ONT that translates the fibre optic “light signal” into electrical signals that your phone, computer, TV, and wireless devices can understand.

Wightman Fibre to the Home lets you do more
Discover what you can do with Wightman Fibre to the Home – better video streaming, faster file upload and download, and even browsing that’s more fun. You can watch TV, use the internet on your mobile phone, and stream HD video all at the same time without any connection lag.  Our Fibre to the Home internet doesn't slow down, even at peak usage times.

Fibre increases your property value
According to sources cited by the Fiber Broadband Association in the 13th edition (Fall 2017/19) of “What Fiber Broadband Can Do For Your Community,” the value of your home will increase if you have Fibre to the Home. Fibre-equipped homes, apartments, and offices rent and sell faster and command a price premium over real estate without fibre. Today’s prospective buyers are looking for a new type of utility – connectivity.

It gives your community an advantage
Families and businesses are looking for connectivity when it’s time to relocate. A location with Fibre to the Home service means a fast, reliable connection with plenty of carrying capacity (bandwidth). So what can fibre do for your community?

  • Schools can offer students new experiences for learning.
  • Hospitals and clinics can use more of the most advanced medical technology — from faster access to online references to remote surgery.
  • Fibre access can be a big draw for business, especially tech-related services and industries.
  • Potential new residents don’t have to trade connectivity for the quality of life they would experience living in a smaller community.