Spring Into with Wightman Mobility Savings!

Spring Mobility Sale

We're celebrating with HUGE SAVINGS!

We have all of our Wightman mobile devices on sale1. Or, you can Bring in Your Own Device2 for greater savings!

Select from plans that suit you best.  We have plans with UNLIMITED texting3 and MORE minutes3, you see all of our mobile plans hereFree shipping when you call or order online4.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini
$0 with PLANS A, B, and C

Samsung Galaxy J2
$0 with PLANS B and C

Samsung Rugby 2
$0 with PLANS B and C

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
SAVE $100 with PLANS B and C

Bring Your Own Device2
SAVE Up to $9/per month when you bring in your unlocked phone.


Sale ends May 31, 2017 Spring into one of our offices or call us before the sale is over!


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BYOD: Will my mobile phone or smartphone work on the Wightman Mobility network?



  1. Offer valid until May 31, 2017 on select models and plans to Wightman customers with at least one other Wightman service upon activation of a new 2-year mobility contract.
  2. Bring Your Own Device must be compatible with Wightman’s mobility network. A $35 fee applies on each attempt to unlock a locked device.
  3. Unlimited texting is included with Plans B and C.
  4. Call or visit our Mobility page on our website to submit your request. Additional details required if ordering online.