Wightman TV Rotary Bingo

Play Bingo Tuesday nights at 7:00PM on Wightman TV channel 1! 

Have you got your tickets? Visit one of our participating retailers to purchase your BINGO tickets today! All proceeds go back into local Rotary projects!

*Please note that there will be no Bingo on December 26*

Tickets available at all Wightman offices as well as the following locations:

Canadian Tire
Coldwell Banker Grand Homes Realty
Dixon Home Hardware
Grant’s Independent
Hanover Foodland
Mac’s Milk (189 10th St.)
Mac's Milk (464 10th St.)
Harriston Packers
L&M Food Mart
Giant Tiger
Harley’s Coffee Perk
Palmerston Home Hardware
Boomer's Cosy Restaurant
Kaufman’s Valu-Mart
Mac’s Milk
Maple Court Villa
Towne Convenience
Wright’s Foodland
Dean’s Valu-Mart

Bingo Rules:

  1. To purchase a card you must be 18 or older. If you win, ID is required.
  2. Purchase your bingo ticket at any one of our many supporting retailers. Tickets cost $5 and include two playing cards in each ticket purchased.
  3. The games are played Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00pm on Wightman TV Channel 1
  4. Only Wightman Rotary Bingo tickets are valid for the Tuesday night program.
  5. The game in play has a specific series Serial Number that are announced before and during the game.
  6. Each game is different; you must match the announced pattern in order to win.
  7. Play the 5 games worth 100, 150, 150, 300 and 500 dollars respectively for a total jackpot of $1,200. Please do not use daubers until the fifth and final game as your cards are good for all 5 games – the current week only.
  8. Valid winners are those whose cards were completed by numbers both shown and verbally called on the air.
  9. To claim your winning card you must call in immediately to the Hanover Broadcast Studio 519-506-2464.  You have 3 minutes to do so. If the phone line is busy, try again immediately until you get through, as there is only one line.
  10. A game ends when a winner(s) is verified and a new game starts. If you win you will be asked for the number in the centre Free Square, and the card series all of which must match our verifier's information.
  11. Winning cheque(s) can be picked up on the Friday following the game at the location where your ticket was purchased. NOTE: winners in the Listowel, Palmerston and Harriston area will normally have to wait about 10 days for their winning cheque to make it back to the vendor where the ticket was purchased.
  12.  If you are a Winner, you will be asked to return the card and sign a receipt when you receive the cheque along with valid ID.
  13. In the case of multiple winners, prizes will be split evenly.
  14. Winners are announced on the TV and then published the following week in the Mildmay Town Crier and Walkerton Herald Times.

NOTE: Winnings MUST be picked up from the same location from which they were purchased.