Changes to Email Authentication

Network Alerts

The increased importance of email authentication comes as a direct result of the continued use of email as a platform for fraud, spam, and spoofing. As a result, more robust measures are being taken by all Internet Service Providers(ISPs) and receiving mailboxes to protect their users from spam and phishing emails.

The implementation of more robust policies by ISPs and an increased necessity of authentication for successful delivery is one part of that combined effort.

For your privacy and protection, our security protocols have changed for any "" email address or any email address hosted by Wightman to align with this initiative.

The email client you choose to use must be capable of using the "STARTTLS" protocol with Authentication enabled in order to meet the minimum security requirements. Some older email clients, such as Outlook Express are not compatible with these protocols and therefore you will no longer be able to use those clients for your email. 

To make this as easy as possible, the Wightman Webmail client is fully compatible with these security standards and is also the only email client directly supported by our 24/7 Wightman Technical Support Team.

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