Survey Scam

Scam Alerts

Below is a sample of a survey scam you may receive.

This is not from Wightman. Do not respond or click the link provided as it is malicious and can infect your system. Delete it immediately. If you have responded or clicked on the link already, log in to your Wightman Webmail account and change your password immediately. If you need help, call us at 1-877-327-4440.

Some tips for anyone who receives messages like this:

Always check the “From” line, as typically you can see these emails or websites are not from a recognized domain
Always call before you click — Call Customer Care at 1-888-477-2177. Hours: Mon - Fri — 8AM - 7PM, Sat — 10AM - 4PM.

We will never ask you for personal information such as SIN, credit card, etc via email or text message.