Email Scam - "Microsoft Warning!"

Scam Alerts

We have received reports of the following email asking Wightman email customers to verify their Microsoft Outlook email login credentials. Although it claims to be from Microsoft, it is not. 

Do not respond to this email. Delete it immediately. If you have responded to this email already, clicked the link, or filled in the online form, log in to your webmail account and change your password immediately. If you need help with your Wightman email account, call us at 1.877.327.4440.

Hi microsoft Outlook users,

Microsoft Protector is holding (9) incoming messages because your email is not a verified email.

If you wish to keep using your email, kindly verify your email by Signing in here. 

You may not be able to access your email if Ignored, verification takes few minutes only.

Thank you,
Microsoft Account Team