Email Scam – Disabled for Violation of Terms of Use

Scam Alerts

We've received reports that our Wightman email customers have received the following email. Although it appears to be coming from a legitimate Wightman email address, this email is not from Wightman.

If you have received this email, delete the email immediately. Do not click on the links or fill out the form that opens. If you have filled out the form, contact us immediately at 1-888-477-2177 to change your email password – your account has been compromised!


From: "Wightman Telecom"<>
Subject: Your Wightman Telecom Account is Inactive


Dear Member,

Your Wightman Telecom account has been regarded as inactive and
disabled in compliance with Wightman Telecom Terms of Use.

You have 24hours to restore the account, just follow the link below:

Otherwise your account will be completely removed on the expiry of
the mentioned period.

Thank you,
Wightman Telecom Customer Support.

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