Living our Value of Growth & Change

Some of the ways that we promote Growth & Change:

Wightman Family Bursary
Supporting continuing education for our local youth through our annual scholarship program to students pursuing post-secondary education.


Environmental Support
We support green initiatives through e-billing and equipment recycling programs.


They say that time flies when you’re having fun, but we still can’t believe that we’ve been in our Hanover office at 58 14th Avenue for more than one year now! Our Hanover office houses some of our customer care team, and is also the main location for our technical support and network operations teams.



January marks the official opening of “The Wightman Story: From Party Lines to Fibre Optic” at the Stratford Perth Museum. While the opening reception was on January 7, the exhibit runs to May 2020, and we hope you’ll check it out. The exhibit showcases our evolution from a telephone company into a communications company that specializes in Fibre to the Home.

In our 112 years of serving local communities, there certainly has been a lot of change, including the services we offer! Even after more than a century in business, our principle remains that “People come first”. We are proud to be your service provider, and we thank you for choosing Wightman!

Look for “The Wightman Story” on Wightman Community TV channel 6.



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