Living Our Value of Growth & Change

Our world is connected like never before, and Wightman is connecting communities for the future, with our fibre optic network – Fibre to the Home. We are expanding our Fibre to the Home and Business network in Arthur, Orangeville, and Stratford, with our first Orangeville customer connected on September 14, 2021. This was a huge milestone because Orangeville is our 12th town where we are expanding and constructing our fibre network and a great example of our growth and change. 

Here are some more examples of how we promote Growth & Change:

  • Continue to support education with our Wightman Family Bursary, an annual scholarship program for students pursuing post-secondary education.
  • Innovating the way we live and work, by helping our customers who are working and learning from home access incredibly fast internet speeds with Fibre to the Home.
  • Adding new product offerings like our NEW Whole Home Wi-Fi, to help customers say goodbye to dead spots and buffering in their homes.
  • We support green initiatives through e-billing and equipment recycling programs.
  • With Wightman SmartHub – an online tool and app that allows you to manage your Wightman account – add TV channels, make changes to your internet service, pay your bill – all online in one secure, convenient place. Visit to set up your free SmartHub account today.

Fibre Construction Update

As mentioned above we continue to build and grow our fibre network, an innovative and future-proof technology. Stay up to date with fibre construction happening in our fibre towns here.

In our 113 years of serving local communities, there certainly has been a lot of change, including the services we offer! Even after more than a century in business, our principle remains that “People come first”. We are proud to be your service provider, and we thank you for choosing Wightman!

"Just a shout out to your installer and the guys that came over to help him. Their professionalism was second to none. Very friendly personable guys… never left until we had a full understanding of our new system. Thanks again." - Rob, new customer

We love hearing from our customers about their Wightman experience, and we encourage you to read our customer testimonials and check out our reviews page! We would also love to hear from you, you can give us your feedback here.