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Internet Packages: Which One is Best for Me?

There are a lot of internet packages out there. Here’s our guide on how to determine how much speed you need.

The internet has become such a lifeline for businesses and households alike in this digital era. We all suffer in areas with poor internet connection, especially if it prevents us from completing essential tasks.

That said, the type of connectivity you get primarily depends on what your internet service provider can offer to your home. Companies typically have various internet speed packages available to choose from to meet your household needs. 

It’s not easy to settle on one provider when they all assure you of fast speed and great pricing, so we’ve come up with some items to consider when making your choice. Read on to find out everything on locating a suitable internet service provider for your needs.

Check the Wightman.ca Website
Our website will detail which speed packages are available in your area, depending on the type of connection available to your address. Confused about options? Contact Wightman Customer Service directly, for more help.

Determine Internet Speed
Internet speed is an essential factor to consider as it determines the rate at which you get things done. Providers offer different speeds, some ultrafast while others are more modest. The type you choose depends on what you’ll be using the internet for, and the number of users present.

Consider Data Caps and Other Fees
Many internet providers impose data caps on their customers, so you must consider whether you need one or not. Data caps are for people with lower internet usage per month, but businesses and most households need internet packages with unlimited data plans. Typically, you’ll need unlimited data if you:

● Have more than two people using the internet
● Regularly stream videos
● Hold live streams and zoom meetings
● Play online games or have a video game system

NOTE: all Wightman internet plans offer UNLIMITED data! No caps, no limits, and no speed throttles!

Compare Installation Charges
The network industry has become competitive, with many providers offering almost identical packages. Besides speed and data caps, you can choose a company based on the cost of installation. Some internet providers offer free, or near-zero cost installations while others charge hefty amounts, which can be a deal-breaker for you. Ultimately, your choice depends on your budget.

Find the Best Internet Packages Near You
With the internet becoming almost as essential as food, you need a reliable internet service provider to cater to all your connectivity needs. These tips will help you find the best internet packages in your area that you can rely on long term. Contact us for more information.

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