TV Packages

Basic TV Package


Per Month, in a Bundle
$34.95 Per Month Unbundled


  • One HD Set-Top Box Free
  • Local News & Information
  • Wightman Community TV
  • Wightman Rotary Bingo
  • Watch TV On Demand
  • Use your device as a remote control

UPICK Channel Packages


Pick any 20 Channels
for just


Per Month

Sports Packages

TSN Plus


Per Month

Entertainment Packages

Stingray Music


Per Month
70+ Streaming Music Channels - Channels  522-599
70+ Streaming Music Channels - Channels 522-599

Set-Top Boxes

HD Set-Top Box

Compact size that fits in your hand. Displays up to 1080i/1080p.

HD DVR Set-Top Box

Displays up to 1080p, 1 TB on-board memory. Record up to 800 hours HD content. Record your favourites shows, as well as pause and rewind live TV.
*Requires DVR to view 4K content

Whole Home DVR

Connect every TV in your Home, start watching in one room and finish in another.



Deluxe Package


Per Month


Watch TV Everywhere

Watch TV on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access.

Local Community TV

From news and information to people, places, and events, Wightman’s locally-based Community TV team covers it all!

We are a non profit, community based Television station covering news and events in Wightman’s local communities.  We’d love to have you join us as a volunteer, or hear about the events you think we should be covering!


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