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5 Reasons It’s Still Worth Having a Home Phone

Thinking of getting rid of your home phone? Here are few reasons why you may want to keep it.

When most people were growing up, every home had a “landline” home phone number. It’s how you found people. Home phones were how we ordered Friday night pizza and called friends before a meet-up. Before cellphones were widely common, the home phone was a staple of household electronics. During this time, home phone features like emergency calling and uninterruptible service were honed for residential safety and convenience.

Today, fewer households still have a home phone landline because many family members now have their own smart phone. Personal cell phones are great, but there are still some very good reasons to keep a home phone landline in most houses.

1) Emergency Calling Without Electricity
When the lights go out, the phone line stays on. A simple phone that is not wireless will get continue to get a dial tone, and you can call emergency services even in the midst of a power outage. Home landlines are extremely durable and provide emergency communication that is clear and reliable even in rural areas with intermittent cell coverage.

2) Separate Work and Personal Numbers
If you work from home, a landline can become your home office number – separate from your personal cell number. This can help you easily sort your calls and place your business calls on the most reliable line in the house. You can also protect your personal number from exposure to clients and the general public.

3) Make Calls When Your Cell Phone is Dead
You never have to be worried about whether your cell phone is charged or dead, or where you left the charging cord!  Your home phone line can make calls off the power that comes down the phone line. Just ensure that you keep a wired to the wall, non-wireless home phone around for emergencies.

4) Reliable Connection at Any Distance
What if your home is in a dead-zone or outside dense cell-tower coverage? Homes that receive poor cell reception often suffer in a world that is relying more and more on cellular connections. A landline to your home phone can provide clear, reliable phone service where your cell phone does not work.

5) Affordable and Easy to Install
Most – if not all – homes already have a connection for a landline phone and service is very affordably packaged with internet and television services. This means that any house could have a home phone with very little time or investment. For the security of a disaster-proof phone line and an extra phone number for the house, why not have a home phone?

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